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      Elliott Rodriguez

      What are your thoughts on plagiarism in today’s world?


      There is no secret that creative content is in such high demand that we should be crediting the person responsible properly. I myself have been copied from on many different levels, and it is very unfortunate that plagiarizers out weigh the creative many times over. I was glad to see someone like FuckJerry being brought to justice because there are so many individuals on a high level profiting on the work of others, where they don’t even cite their sources.

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      I think the entertaining content and any forms of informations broadcasted throughout the world has to be inspected with a lot of attention. As a creative person, I always got inspired by others people works and sometimes I was tempted to create the similar platforms, like Tumblr to diffuse entertaining posts. However I understand the fact that plagiarism is so easy to achieve that people might just use this process for lucrative purposes. It is shameful but I do think that nowadays the American society and its huge concern toward plagiarism and non-copyrighted projects and it feel great to see the community revealing and spreading the truth with a vigourous study upon scammers.

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