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      Jo Eun Kim

      This article blames @FuckJerry and @thefatiewish, are viral Instagram leeches uploading images, memes, and jokes by comedians, writers and other creators and taking benefits from the stolen contents. They keep posting other people’s work on their Instagram accounts and their willful stealing eventually makes them rich that have alcohol brands, release books and earns 30,000 dollars per post from big brands (2016). Besides, Fuckjerry expended to a network of accounts by using his wife account @beigecardigan and FuckJerry CCO@Krisphyshorts, Later FuckJerry produced the Netfliz documentary about Fyre Festival. In the meanwhile, FuckJerry still posted ads, looking like stolen tweets. Ted Travelstead, writer and actor, said he did not know that a tweet of his was used as an advertisement on FuckJerry’s Instagram. Another twitter, who had the same experience as above, was outraged at FuckJerry’s ad in fact that they took profit from his contents. Eventually, Heidecker, Patton Oswalt, and Bic Berger urged their fans to unfollow the viral leeches, @FuckJerry. The movement was called as “FuckFuckJerry”. A lot of Instagram people began to join and support the FuckFuckJerry, including famous people on social media. Time Heidecker even made a song of #FuckFuckJerry theme and Vice Berger produced a video about it. But the funny thing was the Jerry Media (FuckJerry) requested him for infringement of copyright. Many people, stolen by FuckJerry were excited to see the campaign take off. One of the supporters told, “ There are more people like me who are terrified of their shitty jobs in the brutal industry.” The bigger the campaign, the more people encouraged the campaign like over 250,000 unfollows of the account at the first few days. Eventually, FuckJerry stopped posting on Instagram and turned into private. Akilah Hughes criticizes that it does not matter that people who made own contents have appropriate credit from the contents, it is a matter of compensation.

      This article was interesting in that the postings that I usually enjoy on Instagram have such trouble. Copyright is a matter of fact. I heard that Disney reports on copyright if one uses a small part of Mickey Mouse’s ears. However, in social media, I never think of the copyright and there are some people who upset about the stolen contents. I learn that I need to have attention to the contents, do not just enjoy it and unfollow such accounts right now!

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