Course: Multimedia Programming 100 – Introduction to Multimedia

Homework 6.A

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      Elliott Rodriguez

      Did you learn anything new about techniques used by filmmakers when combining live action with computer animation? Is there anything that surprises you about the process? Anything you find particularly interesting? Are you worried about these techniques becoming too real? Do you fear “Deepfakes?”


      I did learn that Jurassic Park was the first of its kind in animation, which blows my mind that I didn’t know that since I love the movie so much. The process of filming in anticipation for animation did surprise me though. I have this perception that actors have to react to whats not there all the time using their imagination, when that is always not the case. Everyone should be very concerned and keep their mind open when it comes to how far we’re getting with realism in these techniques. We’re in the age of spin and people are falling for more and more fake media , even those edits with obvious lesser qualities that make it completely unbelievable. Deepfakes are absolutely a thing of concern as well. A technique that can potentially fool its audience to maybe convict someone of a crime, or frame anyone for any heinous act.

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