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      Elliott Rodriguez

      Did you learn anything about labor in the animation industry that you didn’t know before? Were you surprised by the income reported by artists and animators on some of the most popular animated shows in the U.S.? Why or why not?


      It all makes sense now as to why the shows Titmouse is responsible for have been unstable in content and longevity. The news of underpaid animators in general was brought to my attention when the people that work on Dragonball revealed that they too were being trimmed and underpaid and it showed in the initial animations of the newer episodes. They dumbed the quality down a ton and some of it was intentional in protest to these unfair treatments. The fact that Titmouse would pay such a big marginal gap to their LA office is also something of concern and clearly they are an unfit business that needs to reevaluate their structure.

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