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      Huimin Ren

      I’m surprised that the artists and animators have such low income in New York City compare with Los Angeles. Even if work in the same company the wage could be so different. It probably because of low demands in New York City in animation industry and the employees not as professional as the ones in West coast. As we all know the major famous animation companies are located in California. That could attract lots of professionals work there. In general, every city has some advanced industries. For example, New York City has lot of finance experts. As it’s one of the biggest finance center of the world. In despite of the fact, it’s kind of frustrated for people who are passionate about animation and would like to work in New York City. From the article, we could assume that it’s unlikely to get an animator job with high salary in here. That reminds the younger teenagers the motivation of study this major. We have to think about how to keep the balance between our passion and survival. However, if more and more people study and work in animation industry in New York City. This situation could be changed in the future.

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