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      Shmuly Lichtman


      The income for creatives overall is dropping. Although that should make us a bit fearful about the fate of our future, as we are creatives, I find that to be exciting. Because the salary of creatives is going down, that means that there are more creatives out there. A world with more creatives is a world I like to live in.

      There is also another silver lining to this news. Lower salaries mean that if I have a production company, I can higher labor for less. That is great if I am a start-up and money dries up very quickly.

      Another interesting point. I see a future with a guaranteed minimum income for everyone, as robots will take over all of our jobs in the next 20-50 years. It is just inevitable. So that means that being a creative will just be a hobby, not an income source, which is amazing. We can stop thinking about the money, and just focus on our art.

      Thank you,

      Shmuly Lichtman

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