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      ARTICLE: Supreme Court on Design Patent Damages in Samsung V. Apple

      I searched for a tech related article on the BMCC library database. I was able to find an article that discussed a case involving a suit between Apple and Samsung. Apple had sued their competitor for design infringement for almost $400 million. The number is obviously high enough for people to believe that Apple was trying to overcompensate themselves but the large number was not what I found to be the key point to the article. What caught my attention was the minimal design features that can cause for one company to go after another.

      The three main features that Apple had accused Samsung of taking were a black rectangular round cornered front face, the second was for the same but with a surrounding rim and the third consisted of the layout the display screen presented. I agree with detailed aspects such as, a screen layout/display to be a valid reason to go after a company for compensation; the point of patenting a product. However, I feel that a simple rectangular edge should not be a feature that can be used as means to go after another company. Almost all phones have a similar shape, size and features. I was amazed to find that the total profits rule, can potentially allow one company to obtain all profits from another company, for a product that was deemed infringed.

      The article does not relate to the class material or my overall mid term proposal. It is informative for those who plan to create/develop a product that might involve patents. I entered Apple in the search field to see if any relevant articles came up. It was simple to find the article.

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