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Homework 4.A

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      Jo Eun Kim

      I am not sure if I was supposed to read an article, not a book. But I found a book that would be very helpful for my intended project. You can read the full pdf version of the book, “Foundation Game Design With HTML5 and JavaScript,” by Rex van der Spuy though this link:

      As I am planning to create a website that would include a simple game, I checked whether I could run a game, not flash game, on a website using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. And I found one that explains almost all foundations that I wanted to know. It also consists of actual codes so that it helps to understand how the concept works. It explains what we need to know to complete making a game based on HTML. Among them, I was most interested in the chapter, Bumping Into Things, which deals with interactive objects. It is essential to detect the collision of objects and decide what happening would be done when things bump into one another to create a game. Before I read about it, the fact that I need to prepare for the collision detection did not come up. The author said, “This is the most math-heavy chapter.” Starting from the statement, I realized that some concepts of physics or of mathematics are involved in the case of creating a game. It was a challenge but also interesting to me.

      After I read all chapters briefly, I got to know that there are a lot of things to know or things to think before I create a game even though it is going to be a very simple game. It would be very helpful for my project not only because it provides enough explanation, but also because it consists of example codes in the relation of each topic.

      It was a little difficult to find what I really want to read in the BMCC Library Database through searching by title. It somehow restricted me to figure out what makes me interesting in broad since it already categorized, which I felt too specific. As I just started thinking what my midterm proposal would be, it was better to search by keywords on the main(first) page of BMCC Library. Then, it was not that difficult to find a particular resource that would be useful for me. I could easily get an overview of the source like a table of contents.


      I also found a very interesting article that talks about the relationship/interaction between color and emotion. As a media consists of color and is exposed to people without distinction of sex or age every second around the world, not only contents of the media, but also the visuals displaying a particular color or combination of colors would influence on people viewing the media. It would be a good chance to consider what specific color we would use for our projects. The article explains all relations about color and emotion.
      You can access the pdf full text of this article through:

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      Anderson Evans

      Maybe I should have just linked to the main Library search, but I thought maybe initially browsing might be interesting first interaction.

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