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      Elliott Rodriguez

      When I read this article it made me realize how much my gaming experience has evolved since I picked up the Xbox One when it launched in 2013. I loved the console out of the box, but there was a lot missing. As years passed Microsoft put up incredibly valiant efforts to write their wrongs and they have done it so well that I had to think how long has it been since I started having this much fun gaming? I own a monster computer so I take full advantage of the “Play Anywhere” titles and I do one off months of Game Pass to experience some newer titles, or titles I have missed out on. Xbox really padded my library and I have a backlog of games that would take months, maybe even a year or so to beat.

      The article doesn’t have too much relevancy to the class, but it is informative for anyone that thinks Microsoft is the villain in the world of gaming.

      I plan on potentially using some footage from my Xbox and PC recordings for my midterm.

      The article was pretty hard to find and I wasn’t looking for anything in specific. This just so happened to be the first tech article I found.



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