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      I was surprised to see how sophisticated DPaint was for such an early design tool. I noticed the similarities between programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Created in the 80’s, DPaint was obviously not as intense as modern edit programs but served as a foundation program for later developers. The video tutorial for DeluxPaint III outlined features that included a drawing tool, image editing tools and multiple color options for enhancement. Over the years, newer programs such as Adobe Photoshop offer all of the mentioned features but with a number of enhanced options

      What I noticed to be interesting was how similar Adobe Photoshop and DeluxPaint were in terms of their layout. Both have a similar panel that include color and edit options. In terms of editing features many are the same between the two programs. Visually, DPaint is obviously not as graphically intense but you can see how modern day programs act as an advanced version of DPAint in many ways including, their features, template and layout.

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