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      Jo Eun Kim

      As I wasn’t familiar with drawing tools until I was in high school, this article, actually some words, is little difficult to read and understand, but surprising and interesting. There is another reason why I never heard about DeluxePaint is because it was used when I was a very little baby. It’s also a surprising fact that I was born when the latest version of DeluxePaint was released, which was DeluxePaint V. It’s been over 25 years since that time but I was surprised that there was a feature to create animations on painting tools program. It’s a very good history to know. I can feel how much effort developers and designers put onto DeluxePaint as it greatly improved at each version. From the first version only allows keystrokes, the second version added menu system, and the third version could create animations, and so on. I felt it was a big gap between each version. There was a great improvement in between. As there might not be so many features in comparison with the current Adobe Photoshop, meanwhile DeluxePaint II allows using both keyboard commands and menus, I guess it would be used very quickly or easily just by simple keystrokes. I might be easier and efficient to use than Photoshop is nowadays because I can’t memorize those too many commands that Photoshop set. If I was a user at that time, I would give praises to DeluxePaint! Not only in the progress of development on DeluxePaint, the history of drawing or painting tools program is also remarkable, as colors are quickly added.

      It was an interesting fact that DeluxePaint was first developed with a different goal, “to write an internal graphics design program,” rather than to be used as a general-purpose design tool.

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