Course: Multimedia Programming 100 – Introduction to Multimedia


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      <p class=”m_-2309109606288106793p1″><span class=”m_-2309109606288106793s1″>I always wanted to broadcast cartoons and animés that I usually draw during my experimental moment since my young ages, but this article turn me down. To see the pressure and unfairness stated toward the main contributors of the cartoon Rick and Morty doesn’t inspire me to start my career as a cartoonist.</span></p>
      <p class=”m_-2309109606288106793p1″><span class=”m_-2309109606288106793s1″>The new things that I learned about the labor in the animation industry are, the guilds that have a oppressive power over their members, the biases that can be engendered through unsatisfied groups within the unions and companies and also that the salary has an excuse to underpay their employees based on their location. It disgusts me to realise that artists and animators aren’t getting treated as their bosses or other upper members based on their hierarchical positions within a company. The article triggered a question in my mind, would it be a worst case for the Japanese artists and animators? Maybe, but it still a plan that I should experience in my life .</span></p>

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