Course: Multimedia Programming 100 – Introduction to Multimedia


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      <p class=”m_-2309109606288106793p1″><span class=”m_-2309109606288106793s1″>The sound masters of “Gravity “ broke the rules of noise in a vacuum by using hydrophones and contacts microphones their songs are coming from various engines from the everyday life, for example they went to the company general motors to pick the sound emitted by the machines building the cars and also air conditioners.</span></p>
      <p class=”m_-2309109606288106793p1″><span class=”m_-2309109606288106793s1″>The things that I found interesting about the processes involved to create a sound in a video set in space or other environments is the work of the foley artists, because they use the object that surrounds them in order to create an original sounds . </span></p>

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