Course: MMA 100 1002 Foundations of Digital Design Fall2020

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      Jesus Gutierrez

      Hi fellow classmates! My name’s Jesus Gutierrez, I am the firstborn son of two Cuban immigrants, and I have crawled, ran, and walked this Earth, in that particular order, for nearly 25 years with a big ol’ smile across my face. Currently, I’m working towards a degree in Animation and Motion Graphics here at BMCC. Given that it’s also my first semester here, who knows what degree I’ll end up graduating with?
      I spend a good chunk of my spare time striving to build a better future for myself and the people around me. I also brainstorm ideas for captivating Tv shows and movies that could perhaps influence societies scattered all over this blue planet into caring more about the environment. I believe that if we can somehow all come together and fight for Mother Earth, she’ll continue to bless us for generations to come.

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