Course: MMA 100 1002 Foundations of Digital Design Fall2020


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      Andrew Charran

      Hi there, my name is Andrew Charran. I was born in New York, but I was raised in Georgia. I moved back to New York back in early 2018, to help my grandmother with her everyday needs. My parents are Guyanese, so that makes me a Guyanese American. I am the age of 22, my birthday is March 6th, 1998. I got into my hobby of PhotoShop in the year of 2015, which I taught myself through YouTube tutorials and my own imagination. My Sony tablet is where I started doing most of the work. I did simple work, like covers but I wasn’t satisfied with my creativity, so I used my laptop to practice a bit more. The reason as to why I chose Motion Graphics is so I can learn more than I want I already know, and perfect my craft!

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