Group Mise En Scene

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      Ahmed <span class=”mceItemHidden”><span class=”mceItemHiddenSpellWord”>Soliman</span></span>

      <span class=”mceItemHidden”><span class=”mceItemHiddenSpellWord”>Samden</span></span> Sherpa

      <span class=”mceItemHidden”><span class=”mceItemHiddenSpellWord”>Nykemah</span></span> Warren

      Alexander <span class=”mceItemHidden”><span class=”mceItemHiddenSpellWord”>Ribeiro</span></span>

      Type: Full Shot

      Set: Bench in a park

      Key props: bag, a box of chocolate, suitcase

      Costumes: Forrest <span class=”mceItemHidden”><span class=”mceItemHiddenSpellWord”>Gump</span></span>: Grey suit and a blue checkered shirt, dirty shoes;  Woman: white dress, pink jacket


      <b>What stands out:</b>
      <p class=””></p>
      <p class=””>The shot is arranged such that both characters are in the foreground. Both characters look nicely made up, with clean clothes, hair done, and Forrest’s beard shaved. The only thing that looks dirty is Forrest’s shoes. It adds to his child-like wonder and the innocence of his personality. We know because of the film, that this is likely due to his running activity. It can also lead us to wonder why he might have to run. Forest looks at the woman in an interested and open way. The space between them says that they don’t know each other very well. She looks at him slightly skeptical. The expression on the lady looks a little surprised that Forrest is talking to her. Their facial deliveries give further context with their head levels and lip alignment. What initially <span class=”mceItemHidden”>leads</span> the audience to focus on them was the blank space between them. The empty space in their distance makes the bench feel integral to their encounter. Forrest looks well composed and gentle. He looks like he just wants to tell her something. The props also lead us to believe that they have just met. The woman looks like she just wanted to take something out of her bag or put something in it and that’s when Forest started talking to her. Forest with his suitcase on his site seems to be traveling or carrying something important to him. The background is blurry but shows the outlines of a park or something alike. This helps the viewer focus on the two characters rather than what’s going on in the background.</p>

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