Course: MAR 100-B052 | Intro to Marketing | Professor Buckler | Fall 2022

Segmentation Discussion

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      Caden Lamont

      The path I have chosen successfully gets my message to my target population to get more people into my ice cream shop. The effect my market had on my ice cream sales was big because I had to find out more about the people in town. About 30% of my customers come with their family. Then I did some demographic research and I learned that people who come into my shop as a family buy more ice cream than either those with friends or by themselves. Also, people with more money spend more. I think this method was effective because this gives more insight into the type of people who shop at my ice cream business and what type of customers come in.

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      Roshanna Young

      Would you say the your ice-cream shop is based in a high class area, where it wouldn’t be quite as affordable in say a lower class area?

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