Course: GWS 100-140W | Introduction to Gender & Women’s Studies | Dr. Munshi | Spring 2021

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      Hello, my name is Leilani and I am a freshman attending BMCC. I chose to major in Liberal Arts because I am planning on transferring to other places such as Hunter College or UCLA. I want to study veterinary medicine because I prefer to work with animals than humans. I am not a people person, I do not enjoy talking to people unless they’re my friends, because my conversations are usually dry and I would rather not keep small talk. Due to COVID-19 I became more agoraphobic and sort of destroyed my goal on being more social. I still have the same goal to socialize with others now that college has started, but I do not mind talking its just that I don’t always feel the confidence within my voice, so I hope by continuing to take this course I can confidently speak my mind when the time comes.

      Some interesting facts about me; I am half Caucasian half Korean. I of course come from a very strict Korean household so I am expected to do well in everything. I do not speak an ounce of Korean because I was never taught it. The most I can say is greeting gestures. Although I am fluent in Japanese and speak a little bit of French. Some of my interests are gaming, listening to music to heal my chakras and energies, and reading. I enjoy a good game is COD, Fortnite, but also have been consuming my time on Genshin Impact. My favourite artists to listen to are; NF, Melanie Martinez, and The Weekend. A book that I am currently reading that I though I should share with you all is, ‘The Feminine Mystique’ by Betty Friedan.

      That is all, Thank you.


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      Soniya Munshi

      Thanks, Leilani! This post belongs on our site here:

      Sorry for the confusion- we will go over all of this in more detail in today’s class!

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