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      symone mack

      My name is Symone Mack my major is business management. I’ve had some struggles within my last 2 semesters. Although I’m finally coming to an end I graduate with my associates September 2020.My goal is to own a business dealing with clothing because I find a great interest in fashion. Something like a store or maybe even possible just a stylist shawding celebrities and having everyone recognize who I am . Based off of great energy and the success of expressing how someone feel through their looks. I’m a very optimistic person, although I may not take it to calmly but I am listening. I can always admit when I’m wrong and I’m still a growing and learning.Truthfully I added this class based on my degree works.So far i can determine that I’m actually going to be in the drive for learning why more than just having a requirement for a degree and I’m not mad at that.
      All of these videos were actually more loving and momentum than accepted. When I heard gender and communication, I literally think of just comprehending a specific sex. Based of these videos it was more than that from loving one another to skin, to visions of how people view each other. There were actually two videos I thought about my self. One would be the eczema. No I do not have eczema but I do have high pigment around my neck which is a bit discolored. Nothing major but it’s a discomfort to myself . In which so completely understood how uncomfortable she was about her eczema. The second video I thought was interesting is when the young lady cared about her body image. She was already to full expectations. Such as being the “skinny girl”. The difference is I also look at my self thinking I need to look better. Fortunately I do not feel that deep about trying to harm myself while doing it. But it is something I really fell self conscious about although probably no one would ever know because of how I carry myself with confidence.
      I grew up in a home where all the women in my family worked until it was no more. Expectations for females in my family is very high from cooking to learning, to literally how you go about your everyday life. Yes the women in my family have husbands. For some odd reason women are the super heros within the family. I’m not sure if it’s a religion or something that’s historical within the family but it’s very overwhelming.Growing I was an all honor roll student and was still not good enough. At the age of 18 I got my own home and was able to do for myself as expected to do as my family raised me to do. I just feel sometime it’s okay to let the man take over and not be so aggressive and controlling. Maybe one day I can prove that and still continue to be successful. Without being stressed out and overwhelmed.
      I do not judge anyone , but people such as family which should be your number one supporters, should just do better . As for myself I’m going to continue the way I feel is comforting and still be successful at the end. One day my family and other who think like this will have an open mindset and will understand the point of view that open do not always have to work ten times harder and that they are appreciated.Think of it has having a secret weapon.

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      Brianne Waychoff

      Hi Symone – This should be a post on the course site. It shouldn’t be here in the discussion. Please follow the instructions in the videos and diagrams I have shared.

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