Course: Gender & Communication COM265 | Brianne Waychoff Summer ’20

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      Dear Professor,

      I am quite confuse with our assignment. For Journal 1 are we supposed to read the Journal “Personal Interpretation of Gender” and summarize with our personal experience? or also relate it with our first reading?
      And I am also confuse with Original discussion post and response post.

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      Megan M. Ramdin

      Hello Srijana,


      I was quite confused myself at first,

      so the journal post “Personal Interpretation of Gender” is actually a student personal reflection, you will see on top of the page  “about this class”  click that and then go to “schedule” and click the blue link for this week and read the passage and make your own personal reflection on what you have read and then follow instructions professor provided for us in the syllabus under JOURNALS .


      For the discussion board post, I don’t think the professor posted a prompt question for us to analyze until tomorrow, I’m not too sure about that yet  but she would like us to do the journals first then the discussion board.

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        Thank You Megan.

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      Brianne Waychoff

      Hi All –

      I’m glad to see the interest. Summer classes start TOMORROW 🙂 Please do not be worried before we even begin. Take a breath. All is well. We are all in this together. Nothing is due until Thursday.

      I will be sending an announcement tomorrow morning. I also have zoom office hours tomorrow if you would like to speak then. The link is on the syllabus.



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        Thank you professor.
        Will get back to you once going through the video that has been posted today if I still have any kind of confusion.

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