Course: Gender & Communication COM265 | Brianne Waychoff Summer ’20

Gender Identity Drafts revision

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      firdawce elharrab

      Hello Brianne and classmates,

      when is the Gender Identity Drafts revision is due?

      Thank you.


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      Brianne Waychoff

      Excellent question! They are due when you turn in your final portfolio as part of it. I will share details on exactly how to share it later. So July 2. That means if anyone would like to make an appointment to go over them, you can. You can also come to my office hours – nobody has done that yet.

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        firdawce elharrab

        Thank you for your response,

        I’m back to work so officially this week. So I will try to make it to your office hours.

        If I can’t forgive me.

        Stay well.

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      Jhulio Vargas

      Do we need to add all the journals and the discussion to the final portfolio?



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