Course: ENG 201: Introduction to Literature Spring 2024 [C Conway]


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      Hello, my name is Britney Barzola. My college journey has been very off and on, since I started when the pandemic basically hit I have yet to go to BMCC in person, I’ve been educating myself remotely since. I’ve also been taking breaks in between semesters so my journey is pretty lengthy. I am majoring in psychology because I am very interested in learning about how our brains work, although I still question if thats really what I want to major in going forward but it is my number one pick at the moment. I would enjoy learning about child psychology hence I have a lot of history working with kids I wouldn’t mind involving them in my career. The only thing that clashes with that is the fact that I also want to pursue some sort of creative career within the arts and media, I hope to find my true passion as I go.

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