Course: ENG 201: Introduction to Literature Fall 7W1 [Conway]

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      Natalie Garcia

      A excellent choice for a literature class would be to begin with “The Most Handsome Drowned Man” by Marquez. The narrative illustrates how the unexplained arrival of a drowning man upends the routine, everyday lives of a community. Choosing this as the first book to read is like to stating, “Look, literature isn’t just about words on a page. It concerns how well-defined images and emotions may be evoked by words. Our perception of reality is challenged by this story’s seamless blending of the mundane and fantastical elements. It prepares students for a voyage in which we’ll delve into how authors use language to construct entire worlds and elicit strong emotions. The ideal teaser for what’s to come—a voyage into the soul of storytelling and the power of words—is here.

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