Course: CRJ 102 – 110W | Criminology | Spring 2022 | Professor Satenik Margaryan

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CRJ  102 – 110W | Criminology | Spring 2022 | Professor Satenik Margaryan
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Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice
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Criminal Justice, A.A.
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CRJ 102
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Spring 2022
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This is an introductory and foundational course in the study of crime and justice. It is designed to introduce students to the various historical and contemporary theories and empirical research used to understand deviant and criminal behavior. This course takes a critical approach to the study of the definition and measurement of crime, as well as applications of these theories to practice and in policy. Offending and victimization, as these relate to specific crime types (i.e., white collar crime, violent crime, sex crime, drug related crimes, etc.) will be explored.

This is a Writing Intensive course that fulfills the WI requirement for graduation. Writing-intensive courses pay special attention to developing critical reading, writing, and analytic skills to prepare students for college-level coursework in general. Both informal and formal writing will be designed to maximize your understanding of the subject matter. Formal writing assignments, at least 10-12 pages total, account for a significant portion of your grade and will include opportunities for revision.