Course: CRJ 102 1101 | Criminology| Satenik Margaryan | Spring 2021


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      Eluin Segura

      My name is Eluin Segura. I am an 18 year old Dominican who lives in the Bronx. This is my second semester as a freshman at BMCC and I am trying to major in Criminal Justice. I want to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Some assets I can bring into this class are great collaboration and attitude towards others, willing to strive and not give up because there’s always another way, and dedication. A couple things about me is that I play many sports, but I mainly play baseball. I am a self taught musical engineer and a graphics designer. I like helping others in need and I love food! Especially buffalo wild wings and lasagna. I hope to get a good grade in this course and learn more about the Criminal Justice system hoping to create change one day and change peoples perspective towards Law Enforcement Officers. Something that maybe challenging for me will be understanding hard topics but I will try my best to fully understand it.

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