Course: BUS 104-E052 | Intro to Business | Professor Buckler | Summer 2022

What is a Business?

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      Brielle Buckler

      In this unit, we discussed what makes a business a viable enterprise, and what “counts” as a business. We all come in contact with businesses every day, many without even realizing.

      Think about a single day this week, and describe the businesses you interacted with. Think about what you ate, where you went, how you got there, the technology you used to get things done, etc. Then, categorize the businesses on your list into either for-profit or not-for-profit/nonprofit businesses, and describe whether the businesses sell products or services.

      What kinds of businesses, based on your list, do you interact with most often? Do you see a pattern? What other types of businesses do you frequent not on this list?


      In order to receive full credit for this assignment, all components of this assignment are due by 11:59pm ET on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. You should first contribute a thoughtful post of your own before viewing/commenting on the posts of others.

      Once you submit your post, you must respond meaningfully to at least two other classmates’ threads. This assignment is worth a total of ten (10) points — 6 possible points for your original post, and up to 2 points for each of the two responses to your classmates’ posts. Please reference our Discussion Rubric for more information.

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      Dilson Abreu

      I feel the term “business” has developed significantly over time. I mean, in the early 1900s, the definition of a business owner was not easily attained by most individuals. For example, only profitable businesses were recognized, such as transportation, food, clothes, and resources like oil and iron. However, business is now a phrase that everyone may accomplish, whether for profit or not. In my perspective, business is defined as giving something to your consumer in return for something else.

      A day where I can think that I interacted with a lot of business is yesterday when I went to my summer internship. I mean there was at least a sum of profitable businesses that I interacted with. First using my phone provider and cable provider to use wifi on my phone. In order for me to access wifi outside or inside of my home, I have to pay a monthly plan to my provider which is T-Mobile for me to use their services, which for them is a profitable business. The same thing can be said when I watch TV at home because I pay a monthly plan of service to my provider which is Spectrum, I have access to thousands of channels to watch, which also makes them a  profitable business. More can be said when I make home breakfast, the resources that I am able to use to make breakfast come from a food business such as a marketplace which makes them a profitable business. Another can be when I use the train to get to my internship. In order for me to access the train, I must pay a fee to the MetroCard in order for me to pass through the little gates. This is just a sum of what I must pay in order to keep my day going. I might not have to pay every day for some of the business that I mentioned but is not non-profit businesses. Lastly, there is definitely a cycle being used here.

      Now a non-profit business that I interact with is during my internship. I might not be getting paid for the work they assign me, but in return, I gain experience from their environment which I can include in my resume and they gain results from my assigned work.

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