Course: BUS 104-E052 | Intro to Business | Professor Buckler | Summer 2022

Supply & Demand in Your Life

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      Brielle Buckler

      In this unit, we learned the basics of economics, and how supply and demand, scarcity and abundance affect the way goods and services exist in the world. Now, let’s talk about it.

      According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, “The demand for additional battery life is so large Pokémon GO is already having an impact on the sales of external batteries and phone cases with extra battery capacity.” Popular portable battery makers told Forbes that the sales of certain products have grown significantly, up to double or triple just in Pokémon GO’s first week in the United States. On a less technological front, coffee prices are up by 13 percent due to increased demand, and the supply of Corvettes is not sufficient to meet the current demand. All of these statements come from headlines from the past three months, indicating that the laws of supply and demand impact everything from your phone to your car to MY coffee. This is the basis for our discussion this week!

      Choose an article on a topic (product/good/service) that affects your daily life. Briefly tell us what your article is about. Which aspect of the article’s discussion affects your daily life? What factors do you think are influencing the supply and demand of the product/good/service that is the subject of your article? Include the URL of the Web site where you found the article, so your classmates can access it.


      In order to receive full credit for this assignment, all components of this assignment are due by 11:59pm ET on Sunday, July 31, 2022. You should first contribute a thoughtful post of your own before viewing/commenting on the posts of others.

      Once you submit your post, you must respond meaningfully to at least two other classmates’ threads. This assignment is worth a total of ten (10) points — 6 possible points for your original post, and up to 2 points for each of the two responses to your classmates’ posts. Please reference our Discussion Rubric for more information.

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