Community: Black Studies Across the Americas (BSAA)

BSAA Mentoring Workshop – SP22

facilitated by CUNY Humanities Alliance fellows Meagan Hammerbacher, Ariel Leutheusser, and Jesse Rice-Evans with support from Prof. Judith Anderson



Welcome, brief intros (10 mins) – Judy


Framing questions (5-10 mins) – Ariel

  • How do you meet your students where they are? How do you make yourself available to students who want to be mentored? (Have shown up to presentations rather than students in your class etc.) 
    • How can your students *literally* access you (explaining office hours, students how might the first people in their families to be in college etc.)
    • How could a student approach being mentored by you? 
    • *is mentorship always formal? As in a formal relationship
  • What tools or strategies can you use to interact with diverse (in terms of gender, nationality, disability, race, class, etc.) students? How does being intentional in terms of diversity improve your students’ experience of being mentored by you?
  • What kind of training have you gotten to be a good mentor? What kind of training would you like? What constitutes training?


Icebreaker Chat (5 min intro, 5 min freewrite) – Jesse

  • What experiences have you had in higher ed where you wished you had more/better mentorship? Or a different kind of mentorship and support? What about when you’ve experienced great mentorship? 
  • How do you create a space in which students can feel open to you?
  • How do you bring opportunities to students that might be relevant?
  • Who are some of your mentors and what has made them effective? 
  • Who have you mentored in the past? How did it go?


Interactive activity (10 mins) – Jesse

  • considering the examples you shared during the icebreaker, come up with some specific mentoring actions you would like more of in your own experience, or would have benefited from at some time in the past. be as specific as you can and generate a short list to share with the whole group;
  • breakout rooms of 2-3 participants each? small groups! Judy, Meagan, and Ariel will join small groups in breakout rooms!


Sayback (10 mins) – Meagan

  • each group take no more than 1-2 minutes to share highlights of your discussion. we will also add your notes to a shared Google Doc!


Exit Tickets (5 mins) – Jesse 

  • all genres! add to chat
  • Ask folks to add to chat one takeaway from listening to other workshop participants that they want to develop in their own mentorship (formal and informal) or menteeship (formal and informal)
  • Any final thoughts?


Closing (5 mins) – Judy



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