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Teacher Education
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Child Care/Early Childhood Education, A.S.

Ariagna Reynoso is full of many qualities that makes her an admirable person. She is a hard-working young woman aspiring to be a teacher. She is full of perseverance, and she is very passionate about her career and interests. She is a versatile person full of many hidden talents, such as building computers or making art.
Ariagna Reynoso is a Borough of Manhattan Community College student. She is studying Early childhood development with a focus on infant/toddler. Ariagna graduated Pan American International high school at age 17 during 2020. During her high school years, she was known for her intelligence and unique personality. She was always known for being the only girl in the school that liked to play video games, back then this was a rare situation.
Ariagna is very successful person when it comes to academics. She received a 5,000-dollar scholarship provided by the Albert Shanker Scholarship fund. The essay that landed her the scholarship was called Bright Voices. It detailed the struggles a person faces as an immigrant in the United States, and it encouraged people to not let their voices be silenced.
Reynoso decided to go into an education career because she believes that every student deserves a safe space. Growing up she struggle with fitting in schools and having connections with her teachers. She intends to provide kids that are just like her a safe space where they can be acknowledge and heard. Right now, she is working on an important focused observation based on ECI (Early childhood infant/toddler).
Ariagna Reynoso has accomplished many things in life, such as being the first one in her family to go to college and her Albert Shanker’s UTF scholarship. She has gone through many hardships that made her the woman she is today. All in all, she is an exemplary young woman that will make a big impact in this world.

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