Course: ACR 150/ Literacy in American Society 052W/ Prof. Barnes/ Fall 2022/ Monday is the day!

Q & A about this class: 15 questions

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      Ewa Barnes

      Please answer one of the questions below. Most of the answers can be found in the course syllabus, others might be obvious to you. If all the questions have already been answered, try to elaborate on one of the posted replies by replying to a classmate.

      1. What is some essential information about this class? Explain.
      2. What is the most essential document in this class? Explain.
      3. What is Conversation Time?
      4. Where can you find the weekly assignments and other course materials?
      5. What are the due dates for week 1?
      6. When and where are Prof. Barnes’ office hours?
      7. What are some tips you learned about writing a professional email?
      8. What are your tips on time management for this semester?
      9. Is this class hosted on the OpenLab, on Blackboard, or on Flip?
      10. What is a cruelty-free syllabus?
      11. What is your takeaway from the welcome video?
      12. What are some of the key rules for posting on Conversation Time?
      13. What is the OpenLab and why are we using it?
      14. What should you do if you missed some course assignments?
      15. How can you be successful in this class?
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      the due dates for week 1 is August 25- September 2nd

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      Kevon Williams

      #6/ When and where are Prof. Barnes’ office hours?


      Professor Barnes’s office hours are by appointment only.

      Monday 9am-10am on zoom and Wednesday from 10am-12pm both online and in person at N482.

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        Ewa Barnes

        No need for an appointment though you can make one if you wish. You can also stop by anytime during those office hours.

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      Mairely Rivera


      Weekly assignments can be found by visiting the course site, clicking weekly topics and then the week we are on. Other course materials can also be found under “Class info” “Conversation” or “Announcements”.

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      Ylli Zejneli

      Question 15. How can you be successful in this class?

      It’s very simple. Continuously check OpenLab to see all important announcements and discussions posted as well as assignments due.  Go back to the course syllabus when confused before asking the professor. Put in your best work and you will be successful as per usual.

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