Course: ACR 150/ Literacy in American Society 052W/ Prof. Barnes/ Fall 2022/ Monday is the day!

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      Ewa Barnes

      Post a question here: about the class, about BMCC, about life.
      This forum is for you.
      Keep in mind that the fastest way to receive a response from Prof. Barnes is to email me or to stop by my office hours, in person or via Zoom.

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      Keiana Williams

      When and where are Prof. Barnes’ office hours?

      Prof.Barnes office hours are Mondays 9-10am and Wednesday 10-12am and also on zoom. Prof.Barnes Office hours are on openlab under class info.

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      Giselle Velazquez

      Will the instructions for every week homework etc, will be under weekly topics? Where will our quizzes pop out, exams etc ?

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      Ewa Barnes

      Yes, everything for each given week is under topics–as long as you complete all the activities listed for the week, you’ll be good to go. The quizzes will be open questions, and not timed. The idea is not to make you nervous but to allow you to better process the materials of a given week. I hope this helps.

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