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Life as an immigrant

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      Keiana Williams

      If I were to teach Group X about my topic, I would them about how immigrants struggle when coming to America. In the video My life as an immigrant by Livia Pucci she states that it is not easy being an immigrant. Pucci says that immigrants to become a citizen you will have to have a green card which is a document to approve an individual to be in a nation. You must also get approved for the documents to receive said documents. After getting documents you must keep them up to date because your documents must be renewed. Another thing about documents, you must also have your visas if you want to get married in America and you will also need a sponsor for that visa. Immigrants also struggle from not being able to be with families and friends. Some immigrants do not have green cards or can afford them to come and visit their loved ones. Pucci also says that where she is from food is way better because Americans put too much grease in their food.

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