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Conversation 1 ( Literacy)

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      Literacy in a much simpler term is the ability to read and write however, there is much more to just reading and writing.  I think it’s also a tool for meaningful encounters within society. It is also the ability to understand and evaluate meaning through listening, reading, writing, speaking, etc…

      Literacy opens many doors and opportunities for us,  and not many people in our world today have that privilege. Literacy is a privilege. There are people with limited to no access to education/school, which is where literacy comes from because it’s where we are though how to read, write, and many more. However, it does not necessarily mean without school you cannot have any literacy skills but it plays a big part in having those skills in life.

      John Trischitti explained literacy and how it affects use today in our society. He identifies literacy not as just the ability of reading  and writing but also how it can have an impact of our everyday life.He stated how  literacy is  a ‘vaccine’ that can be used to stop the spread of hunger, poverty and crime, which I strongly agree with because without literacy we could not be able to be aware of things around us. Overall, being literate helps us with more than just being able to read and write but also how we are and in our everyday lives.

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      Karlid Crompton

      What is literacy? Literacy is a verbal and written way of communication. Literacy is very  important when communicating, literacy allows you to seek out information, explore subject, and get a deeper understanding at the topic presented to then or a deeper understanding of the world in general, and this is very important in everyday life so you’d be educated on topics and not being taken advantage of cause you don’t understand. Literacy allows us to understand and make sense of what others are trying to communicate  whether that’s in a book, newspaper, tv show, movie, magazine and many more. What I found when I researched this term is that there’s different types of literacy, and another thing I also learned is that some people deal with illiteracy due to social and economic divides.
      To John Trischitti literacy is the answer, as he said literacy can have a transformative power on your life, and it could break the harsh social standards we can find ourselves in. John believes that those who have a high understanding of literacy, they have a chance to make their lives and families better, and a chance to impact. John uses his stories of growing up to persuade on how reading is a foundation for all academic skills. I agree with John, I agree that the ability ore read and communicate is important when trying to complete something and understanding, an example is watching a show as a kid versus watching it as an adult and your understanding of the script and authors purpose would be completely different or more in depth as to when you was a child and illiterate.

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