Course: ACR 150/ Literacy in American Society 052W/ Prof. Barnes/ Fall 2022/ Monday is the day!

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ACR 150/ Literacy in American Society 052W/ Prof. Barnes/ Fall 2022/ Monday is the day!
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Academic Literacy and Linguistics
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ACR 150
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052 W
Fall 2022
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What is your definition of literacy? Literacy in American Society asks students to investigate the varieties of literacy behaviors in American society as sociocultural phenomena. Students will be exposed to the research of major scholars in the interdisciplinary field of literacy research (e.g., New Literacy Studies) as a means of considering the role literacy and literacy behavior plays, both historically and in a contemporary context, in a diverse American society. Students will analyze the various definitions of literacy and track the development of multiple literacies in American society, specifically studying the transmission of literacy as a cultural value, particularly in oppressed communities. The course will provide the students with the opportunity to analyze and reflect on their personal relationship with literacy and opportunities for upward mobility in a stratified United States.

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