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Research Essay Check-In

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      Ewa Barnes

      Essay Project: check in.

      1. Let everyone know which essay option you selected and why.
      2. Where are you with your research essay? Review the suggested steps here and let us know whih ones you have completed so far and what’s next.
      3. Check out my comments on your essay plan on Blackboard. Revise and improve your plan if needed. If no revision is necessary, you’re on the right track already!
      4. Is there anything you need help with?
      5. Feel free to also review your classmates’ comments as they might be helpful to you. Reply to others if you wish.
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      Aarron Palmer
      1. The essay I selected is Ethnography of Community. The reason is to focus on how literacy does assist in a chosen community.
      2. I have completed all the required steps and currently working on my essay outline. Revising and correcting based on the feedback.
      3.  I am doing good with the research essay project at the moment and would seek help when I do struggle with anything.
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      Gabriella Matera

      1. I chose essay option 5. I thought it would be interesting to give a literacy test to 5 different people. I selected different gender and backgrounds as well as race and age groups. I also wanted to see their reactions to the test and how they felt during and after taking it.  I am pretty much almost done with my research. I have given all the tests, I am just finishing up gathering their responses on how they felt about taking the test. I think at this point I am ok and will reach out if I need any more assistance.


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      I chose option 3 for my essay. I came across an interesting fact that California has the lowest literacy rate in the country, and being from California myself I wanted to look into the reasons behind this.

      2. I’m in the research phase of my essay and I plan to begin writing up a draft once I gather all the materials. I look forward to giving some feedback on the peer reviews. I’m coming across a lot of interesting information on my own topic of research and I’m open for any feedback as well. Thank You

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