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Oral History Project: questions and resources

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      Ewa Barnes
      • Prepare your questions for your oral history project interview. Let’s brainstorm together. Post 1-3 questions here. Then see what your classmates have posted.
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      Lauren Deonarine
      1. What was it like in your household with regards to reading and writing?
      2. Did you enjoy reading or writing growing up? Why or why not?
      3. As an adult, how has being literate impacted your career?
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      Ashley Calderon

      How was literacy cooperated in your childhood?

      Did you have to change schools and so how did that affect your life and learning ?

      How does literacy affect you now in your career ?

      Does your life revolve more on technology or the old traditional way ? How does that make you feel ?


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      1. Can you describe how you learned to read/ your experience with learning literacy skills (in elementary school)?
      2. What instructional methods and materials were offered in elementary that you consider effective?
      3. What challenges in developing literacy skills were encountered during early education?

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      Sy’rae Ocasio

      These questions were specifically for my mom, since I know she reads a ton
      <p style=”font-weight: 400;”><span style=”font-weight: 400;”>1.Can you tell me the earliest memories you have of reading? Would you say it was exciting and new at the time?</span></p>

        <li style=”font-weight: 400;”><span style=”font-weight: 400;”> How was reading for you in school? I know you said you were quite the rebel, did you enjoy the books assigned to you in english class? </span>


        <li style=”font-weight: 400;”><span style=”font-weight: 400;”> Are you more of a visual learner or a textual learner? </span>


        <li style=”font-weight: 400;”><span style=”font-weight: 400;”> Would you say the advancement of technology helped with your literacy journey? If so, How? </span>

      <br style=”font-weight: 400;” /><br style=”font-weight: 400;” />

        <li style=”font-weight: 400;”><span style=”font-weight: 400;”> Describe your current relationship with literature? Why has it become something so incorporated in your life?</span>


        <li style=”font-weight: 400;”><span style=”font-weight: 400;”> Is reading an outlet for you to destressify? Does it relax you more than let’s say watching TV for example?</span>


        <li style=”font-weight: 400;”><span style=”font-weight: 400;”> Do you think your life would’ve turned out differently if literacy wasn’t such a big part of your life? </span>
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        Sy’rae Ocasio

        sorry, I accidentally copied and pasted the rest of the questions

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      Nadia Jimenez

      What was the best way for you to learn and understand things in school?

      Do you think that you read more as an adult compared to when you were younger and in school? Why or why not?

      Did your parents play a role in helping you on your literacy journey in school?

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