Course: ACR 150/ Literacy in American Society – 0501/ Spring 2022

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      Qudus Elemikan

      1. Instant messaging, blogging, social networking, podcasting, photo sharing, digital storytelling, and conducting online searches are some examples of new literacies.

      2. One of the new literacies that have surprised me is seeing memes there; it seemed confusing at first, but it makes more sense the more I thought about it. I don’t necessarily disagree with any of them.

      3. I discovered that the changes in new literacy are primarily due to technological improvement and that this information has both advantages and disadvantages. The pros of using advanced technology to access information are that students and society have easier access to information and new opportunities to interact with media and data, while the cons are that using advanced technology to access information can result in the promotion of shallow thinking or intake of false information.

      4. Doug Belshaw explained that digital literacies are types of literacies that are applied to technology. People now have easier access to information because of the rise of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. He believed that in order to develop digital literacies, one must not only focus on people’s interests but also use those interests to motivate them to focus on important issues. To that end, he developed a set of eight essential elements of digital literacies, which include the following: Cognitive, Cultural, Confident, Creative, Critical, Constructive, Communication, Critical, and Civic.

      5. New literacies that have helped me with schooling have been conducting online searches because I utilize online searches like Google, Safari, and YouTube a lot if I don’t understand a word, a topic, or simply have a question because there is nearly always an answer and if numerous websites or videos are giving the same answer then it is probably correct. I work better with music, therefore YouTube is quite handy in that regard.

      6. I’ve helped my parents with technology (new literacies) on numerous occasions, but I just keep repeating myself because they forget after a while because they don’t use it that often.

      7. As I previously stated, I am unable to finish work without conducting online searches, which I do almost every day.

      8. Three Emojis that explains my personality 😂🧐😟

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      Armani Palmer

      Hey Qudus,

      We both chose online search as our most helped new literacy. I too love to work with music, but sometimes I work better with instrumental versus an actual song with lyrics because it can be distracting. What online search website do you find yourself using mostly? Mine would be Google. Surprisingly TikTok has become my second favorite for a more less factual version, and just to see random people’s experiences or opinions on my topic. I’d love to hear more about your personal engagement with the media and how you think it will affect generations to come?

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