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benjamin haas

this is one of those questions i think is not really answerable so, the goal is to pick something and defend it with the readings. so go with your gut.

i think there is beauty and i do think threre are some universal beauties, the sun would be perhaps the best example. Almost all species of plants and animals gain their life from the sun. think about how almost every childs drawing includes the big yellow cirecle (often with smiley face) and lines sticking out of it for rays (that in retrospect look a lot like corona virus) or how good it feels after being trapped indoors for the winter or for a virus and getting to let the sunshine on your skin. that feels liek a beautiful aesthetic experience i think.

I think the stars have also captivated our human sense of beauty for a very long time. or really the night sky in general. northern lights, the milky way, or even the moon. there is the story of the drunken chinese poet LiPo who tried to hug the moon and drowned, (just as an exmple)

I think that the Warhol in your assignment points to a more mundae sense of beauty that is individual and idiosyncratic and perhaps is asking us to slow down. I think we can find anythign beautiful if we chose, think abotu my love of rats or the ozark hellbender (goolge images) its from where i am. but most people dont think these critters are very beautiful, so theuniversal beauty i talk about earlier may exist but differe from the idiosyncratic version that we carry around with us.
hows that for a start