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Desiree Banks

Good afternoon,

Hope everyone is well given the current circumstances.

Ever since we don’t meet face-to-face anymore I’ve been stuck home. I realized lately that I literally have nothing to do. You can probably tell I’m struggling staying quarantined. I just been working and doing my online classes every other day. Although I am stuck at home and not outside exploring like I usually am, I am doing other things such as cleaning, spending a lot of time with my brother and mother since it’s just us two in the house. I can’t say it’s all bad I also been baking a lot, talking with mom, laughing, playing video games with my brother, and watching a lot of Netflix and Hulu(The resident) on Hulu is a must to watch!! Lastly I’ve been eating a lot of junk and watching movies from morning to night. I can’t complain all the time now.