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Conner Klein

Outside of my schoolwork, I’ve been alternating between learning new songs on guitar and building Gundam model kits.  Both of those can end up being REALLY time-consuming so I’m thankful for that, makes the days drag on a little less when I don’t have classes or homework to do.  I managed to stock up on a bunch of big kits from a shop in Jersey I like right before they closed for quarantine so that’ll keep me busy for a few weeks.  I’m hoping maybe once I adjust a bit more I’ll be able to get back in the groove of actually writing or recording music stuff, but for now I’ve just been learning more songs by my favorite band.  Sometimes I’ll use my phone camera to record short clips of the parts I’m learning or videos of the entire song if I can play it to show my friends or my partner.  But it’s also a lot more playing than I’d been doing for the past couple months so that’s good.  My cat isn’t too happy about it though, as soon as she sees me reach for the power button on my amp she bolts for the bathroom to hide haha.