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Jeldi Mulla

Hi there. Jeldi here. Lately, besides boredness, I have been working on a mosaic. I guess you know what a mosaic is ( small tiles glued together to create a figure or just art). My father taught me how to do mosaic and now I am doing one for my sister’s new bakery in Albania. I am doing the logo and the name of the bakery. It is annoying sometimes when you cannot cut a tile as you wish it to be cut or when you finally cut it perfectly for like 20 min and then lost it in the ground, however after each day you see that the picture is being completed (like a jigsaw puzzle) and it really feels amazing.

I hope everyone is safe and not bored.



I also have started a new show on Netflix called “How to get away with murder”. I already finished the first season I really like it totally suggest it.