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Paige Lemek

I think what I will miss the most about our class time was our group discussions and the insight we get from benjamin and I would love to still have access to that, so maybe, if possible, do a facetime/zoom program even just once a week optionally to still get human contact and conversation while we are cooped up. Given not everyone will have access to the resources needed to do so, we could share the topics, articles, and projects were are working on with everyone here. As far as topics, I think we all like to gain more knowledge about the current world around us. I especially appreciated the questions benjamin poses for us to question our environment and how we move through it. I think we could do a question to sit with every week ? And check in with each other about our thought processes. I think once we understand more, we are more inclined to be vocal about said topic. Finally, I am still rethinking/brainstorming how to present my projects for the semester.