During my time in the class, I feel that I have been exposed to a variety of genres such as poetry, drama, and spoken language.. It can be said that participating in this class is really a positive experience and Happy with me when I get so much support and step out of my fear. I can say that my favorite part is the one- act play because when I was writing the script, giving the dialogue to the character, I felt like I was floating in my own world. And it was that exercise that made me have to learn a lot about the context to be able to write a complete play. Thereby, I see more and more oppression that women had to face in the past.

Besides, the poetry analysis also made me feel like I was relived in a historical period when I was analyzing a very famous Vietnamese poem about the optimism and fighting spirit of the ancient soldiers. . It makes my heart sob and the boundless gratitude to the soldiers. I am very happy to hear the comments and talk with the professor.

In addition, writing my own poetry also showed me the poems of my classmates. I can imagine the setting and where they came from. I find it very interesting because I have never studied like that before.

Finally, I would like to thank you very much for a wonderful semester, for the experience you have provided. Because your openness gave me a lot of motivation and overcame my fear of writing. I would like to thank the professor from the bottom of my heart.

In my opinion, the story of “Frankestein” is a story about slavery and really it is a political essay, exposing the truth. When the character Frankenstein always feels like he doesn’t belong here. He was like a monstrous character and was not treated well when he still had to do hard work but was not taken seriously, they took it for granted. They thought he was different and was only born to serve people. They oppress him and oppress his thoughts when they don’t want him to have feelings. As much as at the time, we can clearly see that Frankenstein represents people of color when they are not always treated the same as other people just because of different skin color.

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