Writing as Activism

Writing can still be a powerful means of activism for BIPOC in present day America. Through the written word, BIPOC can share their experiences, raise awareness about issues affecting their communities, and call for change. Writing can also be a way for BIPOC to reclaim their narrative and counter the dominant, often distorted, narrative about them that is often perpetuated in mainstream media. Social media can also amplify outreach quickly and efficiently . BIPOC writers can use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share their thoughts and ideas, and to engage with others who are interested in similar issues. They can also use these platforms to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations and to mobilize support for causes they care about. Writing can be a powerful tool for BIPOC to raise awareness, challenge dominant narratives, and call for change. Its an outlet to the purest form of human communication when a greater call for said issue is needed in the most transparent and human way possible

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