Writing as an Activism


Toni Cade Bambara, born in Harlem New York, is an American writer, civil-rights activist, and teacher who wrote on African American issues. In the 1970s she was active in both the black liberation (freedom from limits on thought or behavior) and women’s movements.

Writing was an important influence from activism in 1971, but in today’s world, it still has some influence but not as compared to what’s happening in social media like News, Twitter, Facebook, etc. where information is being spread around the world and it is more interactive than reading books or articles. And also, Writing does not have that kind of influence and impact on BIPOC. Demonstrative activism will be more interesting in the media and not in books and will also make the movement known and heard in several parts of the world than it being in the form of writing.

For example, The BLM which is widely spread in the media has created awareness of how Black people in the United States are treated by the Police and people in high authority. This movement is promoted by the media to the world by showing how people demonstrate their protest against how Black People are treated badly and calling for equal rights and also to end racism.

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  1. Hi, you make a good point by explaining how in some instances images can be more powerful in today’s world than written word. Interactive social media platforms have definitely made political and social movements more widespread and accessible.

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