Marxism Thirteenth Night

In the Thirteenth Night, social class has a high impact on Osekis relationships and the reasoning behind the decisions she makes. While Osekis husband is of higher socioeconomic class, Oseki and her family are of lower status. The difference in status between the two is the reasoning for how Oseki is treated in her relationship. Osekis husband belittles her due to her lack of education and does not see her as his equal. Despite her knowing this, Osekis run in with Roku makes her realize that this is how things have to be. Both Roku and Oseki come from the same class and although they shared romantic feelings for one another, their relationship would come to no benefit for her or her family. This encounter between the two contributes to the Marxist theory in which their socioeconomic class is the cause of their problems. Oseki can not leave her husband to be with Roku because Isami is of higher status and brings wealth and respect to her family. 

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