Monthly Archives: September 2022

where im from

i am from a apple

from pizza and hot dogs

i am from bricks and brownstones

i am from the lilac bushes

the pretty tall trees

the leaves on the ground

i am from family dinners on Sundays and laughs and great times

from Marshall singleton and Linda Shobey

from Richard Dowe

i am from Christianity beliefs and southern hospitality

from always wanting to be the best and look the best

i am from the Baptist churches

im from brooklyn new york with south carolina roots

from black eye peas and collard greens

from near to death experience

the tramua and heartbreak of almost losing my father in a car accident

to the turn around of him being well and alive til this day

to my growth to strive to be a better person everyday

from never taking life for granted

losing my grandfather back in 2017

i am from summerton sc my deep route

Erasure Poem

gazed flower blooming
eye.. llorona.

follow her-astonished,
grief’s petals

now love?

angel touched her ,
knew name.

eyes and lips touched honey
never be the same.

Eve took apple in mouth,

fist presses against the red-gold
unsolvable mysterium— close my eyes


gods put hands
me, break my heart
loosen a beast from some darklong depth—

the beautiful
shining devour-horse

my work labor
make emerald
l green

love river,
sweet water.

come good

Nergo Jackson Blackface

 I said it
            buying a gun
for my kind

To be safe,
                 Our song plays
     Girl Don’t you know you’re a Negro? What in the hell?                                                              A confession
                       I do not know precisely
               I approximate myself as something to celebrate.
I                                                                                                     Dress-up
                                                            to get blessed. 
     hiding, shoulder to door jamb and maybe
a rifle.                                                                                                                                                                                                              scared shitless to leave 
                                   that way.
The glass is                            empty now.                                 

                              Isn't repentance itself

in the palms.    never ever stop thinking          
how it ends.             when the other you eats you             Sometimes
 white lovers, I ask permission
                                to show my dark.                                                                                                                                                                            devils underground