Infant Learning Self-Reflection

At Week 8 and Week 16 of the semester you will monitor your progress towards achieving your goals. Your learning, growth and progress towards achieving your goals will help to determine your grade for ECE 209. To monitor your progress towards meeting you goals,  answer the questions below at the end of each module to document your progress over the semester.

  • What did you learn in this week’s modules for ECE 209-Lecture and Seminar that connects to your goals?
    • Information/ knowledge
    • Skills
    • Insights (connections you made or “ah-ha’s” you had about the material)
  • How will the material from these modules help and support you to meet your goals?


6 thoughts on “Infant Learning Self-Reflection”

  1. After completing my modules for ECE 209 lecture and seminar, I learned how to analyze and stay in touch with my progress towards achieving my goals for ECE 209. I have a better understanding when trying to explore the power of sensory experiences and how children learn through their senses and finding out that we as caregivers should offer sensory experiences in careful doses accompanied by careful observations of babies responses. Lastly, I’ve learned how to examine the methods of getting to know families, exploring different ways in helping children to transition to programs and why it’s so important to learn about phase in and the reasoning behind why teachers/caregivers should conduct home visits.

  2. I learned in this week module about infants sensory learning. How careful and sensitive we have to be to babies skin. I learned about how babies are able to learn sounds, how sensitive they are towards smells and how smart they are to identify their loved one smells, I learned about Piaget and Vygotsky theory . I also learned about how important it is to have learning assistance for children. These information will definitely be useful for the future to be careful on how to approach children and be an mentor and supportive teacher for them.

  3. After this week’s modules for ECE 209-Lecture and Seminar I’ve learned according to Piaget babies during the sensorimotor stage they learn sensory activity and motor activity, purposely responding to their environment. In the other hand Vygotsky believed children learn through community and language play a big part in a child’s learning, making more clearer that I agree more with Vygotsky’s theory when it comes to meeting my goals.

  4. After completing module 8, I learned Piaget’s theory of the sensorimotor and how important and vital it is to an infant’s development. As an educator, its beneficial to know these things so you can help a child if you see them struggling in these areas.

  5. During this weeks module I learned how important it is to have an environment set up that encourages the childs development. A space doesn’t only have to be pleasing to the eye but also create a space that will gain the childs interest and curiosity. Things to help them learn with a guide as well as independently.

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