Category: Three Typography Videos week 2

After reviewing the three videos I noticed that typeface is more than just the letters we read: it is also about design, connection, and functionality. Fonts have been around for ages and ages; some fonts have continued to be used throughout time while new ones have been created. Even with technology such as computers and software, typefaces will always be an evolving art. Typefaces are constantly changing over time and are not just limited to what we see on the computer. Typeface is not just about the design or style; it is also about how you apply it and the message you would like to portray. Typefaces need to be legible and as well as highlight useful design. There will always be a need for new typefaces. Some fonts are even more unique and special in their own ways such as hand-crafted fonts. In the case of hand-crafted fonts, there will never be the same font twice because each is created by hand. If businesses are running, designs such as typefaces will always be needed. Some fonts are even being newly developed with an understanding of the past and a glimpse into the future. One is called Ryman Eco. Ryman Eco is a modernized font that was created off learning from the past. Ryman Eco takes into consideration the use of printers and even its ink usage. This is a steppingstone for mixing science will design. Ryman Eco is not only focused on creativity but also leaving its impact on the future. There will always be a need for new fonts.