Conversation 8


In the film "Moonlight" a moral dilemma revolves around the character "Chiron", going around his sexual identity and his relationships. In a important moment Chiron has to face the decision to reveal his true self his best friend "Kevin" which might back fire on him result in a rejection and he might have to face some consequences within their community.
Possible outcomes via 7 Moral positions

1: Follow my conscience

Chiron might choose to live in honesty, following his conscience and putting his true self out there which will then make a true connection with his friend Kevin.

2: I don't know what I would do

Chiron might start to struggle and hesitate with coming out because of the potential reactions he might get.

3: Improve my own situation

Chiron will just keep his true self to himself to avoid any backlash and also keeping himself safe.

4: Do what god or the scriptures say is right

Depending on what Chiron believes in, he might start to align his next steps with some religious teachings on how he can start to accept and love himself.

5: Do whatever made me happy

Chiron might put his own happiness above all else by choosing to be true to who he is and being happy in a relationship with Kevin.

6: Follow the advice of an authority figure

With the help of someone Chiron might be able to come to a decision to come out or not.

7: Do what's best for everyone

Chiron may start to think about the positive and negative impacts that him coming out would have and with that he might choose reveal his true self.

I would go with "Do what feels right inside" because being truthful and honest with someone can lead to building a strong relationship with that person. Even it's a hard pill to swallow the positives will out way the negatives.

When I start thinking about my choices and how I make them, I base them on how real I want to be with someone and what kind of connection I want with them. It's important for everyone to always respect and accept people for they are and not bash them for coming out and telling us who they are.

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